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LINKS Retold: Casey Wright on Growing a Business

The road to getting what you want, believe it or not, requires you to first build a road. Guest speaker at Rainmakers LINKS Casey Wright shared how she grew her business and got everything she wanted in the process. Casey is a former olympic level gymnastics coach turned entrepreneur and is the Founder and CEO […]

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Mickey Maurer to Speak at Blaze in July

The Blaze board made an excellent call by inviting Mickey Maurer to speak at Rainmakers Business Blaze, an event that consistently attracts business owners, CPAs, attorneys, business development people and others who are interested in creating success for themselves and others.   Google Mickey Maurer and the search results blossom into a long list of […]

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Financial Tips for Business Owners

Congratulations! You’ve done it! You’ve opened up your own small business and it is successful. You are making money and providing a service or product you are passionate about to your community. It’s a huge risk and not everyone can do it so take a moment to pat yourself on the back and take pride […]

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Indiana Inventory: Upcoming Business Events

Rainmakers is proud to be a part of a healthy ecosystem of Indiana based business events and organizations. Depending on your goals, here’s a small sample of upcoming events in the Indianapolis area and beyond. Be Intentional Event on April 15: Attend a powerful half-day seminar with special guest speakers to learn the proven Mental […]

Are you missing opportunities on LinkedIn?

This is a guest post by Dave Meeker,Bringing Technology to You LLC Are you missing opportunities? Your LinkedIn account is working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. What if there were a way to customize your urgent and important notifications from your LinkedIn account? Engaging your audience: There are 2 main […]

Business Blaze is Here!

Over 65 people attended the inaugural meeting of Business Blaze, a new opportunity for Rainmakers members to learn and connect over lunch. Featured speaker Tina Jaynes of Jaynes Consulting LLC did a phenomenal job educating us on how to lead proactively while reducing barriers.  Post event, we asked Tina what she wanted people to remember most about […]

Summer PRIME Event: Here’s to You!

Summer PRIME Event: Here’s to You!

Last week we hosted our Summer Prime Event.  A quarterly members-only event, PRIME was created so that members can socialize in a forum outside the regular Rainmakers meetings and training we offer – it’s our special treat for you! It’s an opportunity for you to meet new friends or catch-up with old ones, engage with the Rainmakers […]

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

Today, innovation moves almost at the speed of thought. The business model you had, the job you had and the services you provide could very easily be outdated in the same decade they were created.  What does that mean to you as a business owner or CEO? Work on your culture more than you work on […]

Profit is Personal

Profit is Personal

So many times in today’s press, profit gets a bad name.  In fact many of us in business have felt over the last 4 or 5 years that a capitalist or free market society has been under attack from the press and current political climate.  Just to be clear, politicians DO NOT create jobs.  Businesses […]

The Power of the Bond in Business

The Power of the Bond in Business

We have trained almost 10,000 people in the past ten years in relationship marketing through our business, yet even today I was amazed how much a relationship can make an impact in my decisions.  I was getting my car fixed at Midas in Carmel, IN and I needed a place to get breakfast and do some work. […]