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What You Missed at ConnectTech Last Month

Last month’s ConnectTech TechForward event featured a panel discussion on tech trends. Moderated by Gerry Dick, the panel consisted of local business influencers Jen Handley, Co-creator of Fizziology; John Wechsler, Founder of Launch Fishers; and Santiago Jaramillo, Founder and CEO of Emplify.    The discussion spanned a number of topics including the state of co-working in […]

Online Business Education in 4 Ways

Keeping business skills up to date is like brushing your teeth; you have to make it a habit. Fortunately, an abundance of resources exists right from your smart phone. If you’re seeking information to refresh business skills or cultivate new ones, lucky you, here’s a list of mostly free business resources for learning whenever and wherever […]

Liven Up Your Marketing: Plan a Seminar

Liven Up Your Marketing: Plan a Seminar

Have you ever thought of hosting your own seminar to showcase your expertise and share your knowledge with others? Seminars are a really smart marketing tool and they can become a system in your business that regularly adds prospects to your sales funnel. The seminar presentation allows you to educate potential customers and give them […]