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15 May 2018
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Write the Perfect B2B Cold Email

My friend is in a business development role at a marketing agency across town; she hates her life with a passion. She spends her entire day on the phone cold calling people. These people want no part of talking to my friend on the phone. I hate talking on the phone, so this is something […]

Easy Video Marketing with Your Phone

Easy Video Marketing with Your Phone

Marketing Essentials Roundtable This is our 3rd member exclusive roundtable session in the series. Join Neil Richmund with Strategix Marketing and Tina Imperial with Rainmakers on May 12th for easy tips and strategies to get you started with video marketing. Register HERE  

#MBO15 at the Indianapolis Museum of Art

If you appreciate the confluence of digital discussions and timeless art, you’re in luck. The MBO15 Digital Marketing Conference promises to deliver the latest in digital marketing trends at a gorgeous venue, the Indianapolis Museum of Art. We’re proud to be a sponsor at this premier event especially since it will be oozing with inspiration and over 600 attendees. Keynote […]

October LINKS Event: Influence Marketing

Ever wonder if influence marketing was right for your business? Join us on October 3rd for an introduction to Influence Marketing with guest speaker Doug Karr, CEO of DK New Media and Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at CircuPress. Businesses have utilized the power of influencers to gain visibility for a long time. Think celebrity and expert […]

Focus, Accountability and Results

Focus, Accountability and Results

Last week someone asked me to sum up in as few words as possible what we do at Rainmakers. Challenge accepted. Rainmakers creates success and abundance for business owners and sales professionals. The reason our organization and members are successful is because we all follow a simple (not easy) process. While it takes hard work […]