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Writing a Manifesto

Manifesto (manəˈfestō) noun: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or views of an individual, group, or political party. “…Or political party.” Eeeek. No politics here. We have enough of that going on in the news. But, it is true, when I hear the word “manifesto” I do traditionally think of politicians, thought leaders, […]

What Drives You?

As I was sitting in a coffee shop today meeting with a lovely new connection, she stopped me mid-sentence to ask, “What drives you?” Feeling rather dumbfounded for a minute, I’m sure my facial expression gave my surprise away. She explained that she was inspired by the energy I had towards all that I was sharing […]

Life is a Game of Chess

Life is a Game of Chess

This blog by John Maxwell is spot on. The first step in improving your life, is to improve yourself. What are you working on today to improve and enhance, you?     A great mentor once told me that the first thing you should do everyday is pick the one thing you will do that […]