Leverage Your Digital Networking on Facebook

Leverage Your Digital Networking on Facebook

We are living in a world where information is hitting us instantly. When the newspaper hits your front step, it’s ancient news to the digital world. The Internet has already covered that latest headline before the ink can even dry. I will often skip checking my mailbox in the morning, but check my e-mail constantly. Digital media has erupted with “Like” this & “Tweet” that, but how can does this help you and your business?

Social Media is a powerful tool. Some might be frighten to use it, but you shouldn’t be! Don’t let fear block your goals. You should integrate these tools into your marketing strategy. Here are some Facebook business page tips to help you do so!

  • Cover Photo – The cover photo is the first image the viewers see when they appear on your page. This should be an image that represents your company effectively. Cover images must be at least 399 pixels wide. Facebook has set guidelines to help, make sure to check these out!
  • Status Updates & Posts – The status updates appear in your timeline and are a great way to show people what is happening in your business or area of expertise. Make this interesting for viewers to want to return. Use videos, photos, music, and other forms of media. You want to captivate your audience. Be personal. There are LOTS of businesses on Facebook promoting themselves, but what makes yours unique?
  • Facebook Applications – Facebook allows you the ability to create your own applications or use the default ones that are already in place. Applications are another way to produce content for your business page, such as Events, Photos, Likes, Notes, Videos, News, and many more. Using applications will help keep your audience engaged.
  • Messages – E-mail is already quick and easy, but if consumers/clients are browsing your Facebook page at that moment, messages will allow them to immediately contact you! Make it easy for people to contact you!
  • Be Engaged – Get involved with other Facebook pages and friends! “Like” them, share posts, and comment on their content. Yes, you want to build strategic partnerships online too!

These are only a few basic tips to help you take your first leap into the digital networking market and begin that journey! Take advantage of the digital tools and create new ways to incorporate social media networking into your life!


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