Have You Found the Right Action Circle For You?

Have You Found the Right Action Circle For You?

Do you belong to an Action Circle or need help finding the right one for you? Nikki Lewallen, Executive Director of Rainmakers, shares what Action Circles are and how they can be right for you.

We hope to see you at an Action Circle!


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    I would like to ask if there is a place for the unemployed former business person?

    My networking group just formed an Action Circle and we are all sales people.

    Thank you.


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      We have Strategy Sessions that would be a perfect fit. These can be booked with Megan Adams, our Director of Membership Development, and only have 4-6 people in them. Nikki Lewallen & Megan Adams host the Strategy Sessions, which help define & clarify your strategic partnerships and how we can help you fill your pipeline. Her contact information is: megan@gorainmakers.com.

      Thank you!

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