Following-up After an Event

Following-up After an Event

The networking event comes to a close and you head out to your destination with a spring in your step and a pocket full of business cards. What happens next determines whether or not your networking efforts will be successful or an organized waste of time.

Make time to follow-up after a Rainmakers Event

Here’s great news – within 48 hours, members receive the list of everyone who attended the event. We don’t provide contact information (we respect your privacy), but we list the name and company name of each attendee for you to review. Scan the list and plan your follow-up accordingly. Who do you need to have a follow-up conversation with? Who do you want to meet but didn’t have a chance to? What companies could be strategic partners?

This list is your opportunity to reach out to potential connections and schedule a next step. Here are three ways to reach out to people you’ve met.

  1. Ask a Rainmakers team member to facilitate an introduction
  2. Download the Rainmakers app and email or instant message any Rainmakers member from the app
  3. Ask for a connection on LinkedIn

Enjoy the events that you attend. Have meaningful conversations. And, by all means, spend time post-event to plan your follow-up with people who could be a great resource for you or someone in your network. It will be time well spent!

As a Rainmakers member you have numerous opportunities to gain visibility and meet new people by attending one of our events or roundtable sessions. Our business to business networking events planned around an industry, concept, or ideal attendee.

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