Rainmakers University

Rainmakers University lays the foundation for an entrepreneur or sales professional to master business development. Each  session teaches members how to leverage our local membership platform and provides useful training for professionals with a selling role.

Sessions are 90 minutes and can be taken in any order.

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Strategic Networking

Meet new members and develop a strategy to fully leverage your membership.

We want you to be successful as soon as possible, so we’re taking the guesswork out of where to begin. This training highlights strategies, opportunities and available tools within the Rainmakers platform that you can use to achieve success.

This training is led by Bryon Foley, longtime Chair and member. Bryon’s experience illustrates a great success story as he has grown his practice and brand tremendously by leveraging the Rainmakers model. Bryon is one of the most caring and relationship-driven men you will ever meet.

High-Powered Goal Setting

Do you find it difficult to focus on the activities that matter most in your business?

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, you will learn how to manage your success in Rainmakers using this proven goal setting strategy. Rainmakers member Monty Riffer will guide you through the GOSPA method of goal setting – Goals, Objectives, Strategy, Plans, Activities. Learn how to take your goals (or dreams or wishes) and identify the activities needed to achieve them.

Each session will leave you with a specific blueprint that you can use to guide your business development initiatives.

Monty is an accomplished senior-level executive with 30 years of experience growing companies’ revenue globally in the areas of business development, sales, product marketing, and customer service. Being a results-focused leader, strategist and innovator, Monty is an expert in this method of goal setting and has used it throughout his career.

Build a Champion Mindset

A winning mindset is a crucial component for achieving the results you desire. In this session, identify the various mindsets that hold you back and discover ways to overcome them. Rainmakers Director of Training & Development, Tommy Richardson, will share the keys to developing habits that will cultivate resilience and a champion mindset.

Tom has over 40 years experience in business coaching, training and athletic coaching. He has coached more than 1,000 individuals and teams and he has facilitated training for corporate teams and executives. Tom is a former president of Toastmasters, International.