LinkedIn Roundtables

LinkedIn Roundtables

Did you know:

  • LinkedIn just hit a new benchmark of 270 million users?
  • LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network for business-to-business connecting?
  • 61% of business owners and C-level decision makers choose LinkedIn as their #1 social media platform?

If you are a business-to-business professional, meaning you sell products or services to businesses versus individuals, I suggest attending a LinkedIn Roundtable.
What does a LinkedIn Roundtable consist of? Good question.

  • A LinkedIn Roundtable has 6-10 participants.
  • Each person defines the key words that make up their ideal client or strategic relationship request.
  • The other participants in the group look through their LinkedIn account for contacts to potentially match that need.
  • We do introductions via email on the spot, or forward profiles to review (introductions can be requested later).

As Rainmakers, we are business development professionals who help one another.
Get help finding your potential clients, and help those around you find theirs. 



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