Top Ways to Be Unemployed During the Holidays

Top Ways to Be Unemployed During the Holidays

The Holidays are often a difficult time to be in a career transition.  If you find yourself unemployed or frustrated please take this list and put it into action!  My faithful and loyal small roundtable group in Indianapolis helped create these tips.  They are awesome support for each other.  So first…Please join a group immediately for support and community. Then, this list might help.


  1. Write a gratitude or thankful list.


  1. Visit as many parties as possible, tell your story, connect and ask for info meetings. Don’t forget a nametag that says what you offer or what you are looking for!


  1. Send out cards to everyone! …this is the year of all years! Be sure to include a letter!


  1. Volunteer to serve others, you never know whom you will meet!


  1. Go through your contacts, reconnect with 12 people you haven’t talked to in 1 year +. Try one a day…


  1. Take a day(s) to totally disconnect. Relax.  Career search is the hardest work with the worst pay.


  1. Teach your family about what you are going through. They can’t help if they don’t know…give them a stack of your business cards.


  1. Try to handle the gift giving expectation early, make this year less about material goods. Ask for no presents, just introductions perhaps.  Could you give gifts of service or events together? Can you make a competition out of getting the best deal?


  1. Try handmade gifts. Don’t forget to include biz cards, marketing sheets and resumes to send them home with as well!


  1. Enjoy the holidays! Try to schedule networking conversations during the holidays because good people have time to talk.


  1. Download your LinkedIn contacts, (go to settings) send out groups of emails of 19 contacts (this quantity in the Bcc area typically avoids spam) with a form letter asking for endorsement and recommendations with a link.


  1. Don’t stop the search! People are still hiring!


  1. Laughter! If you need more laughter…go visit a comedy club with old friends.


  1. Try Free Activities:

Downtown Tree Lighting

Reynolds in Fishers

Metamora Christmas Walk

Brown County, Nashville

Clean out closets, donate

Visit nursing homes

Host a game night or join one.

Try Caroling!


  1. Learn a new skill; start a new hobby.


  1. Family Issues? Get a counselor; if there ever was a time to get one, it is during the holidays.


  1. Step up your game…your competition is taking time off. Blow past them. More parties, more open houses and holidays happy hours and cookie exchanges, = MORE NETWORKING


  1. Don’t stop asking for informational interviews, companies don’t stop making decisions; they are prepping for the New Year.


  1. Schedule a free resume, LinkedIn profile review, and complimentary coaching phone call at my site

Guest Post by Jeff Crane

As an Entrepreneur’s Source coach Jeff enjoys helping people discover their “Why” and creating a roadmap to help individuals and business owners in transition. With over 18 years in advertising, marketing, sales and management, Jeff mentors individuals and teams to match their gifts and strengths with new possibilities and growth strategies. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife, Leah, and two children. He is a graduate of Ball State University, an active leader at his Church and is also an Eagle Scout. Jeff is also a volunteer staff leader at Passport to Employment to help people in career transition. 

Check out Jeff’s website and find him on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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