Prepare Your Home For Summer!

Prepare Your Home For Summer!

It’s HOT!  The rain finally stopped and summer is here.  Before you pack your bags, apply your sunscreen, and hit the road, beach, or trails you might want to check your basement.  Yes, all that rain made your sump pump work overtime!

If you have an alarm for your sump pump system congratulations!  That is a step in the direction of mitigating any risk.  However, alarms, and some simple battery back-ups only let you know when the problem is occurring. That means when the alarm goes off, water is coming in…right now.  Hopefully you are home, but how can one work fast enough to repair the pump and get the water out in that situation? If you’re not home, chances are you are going to have water in your basement.  I can’t tell you how many times this seems to happen in the summer while folks are on vacation.

There are many ways to test your sump pump: add water to the hole.  Does it pump the water efficiently?  How does it sound?  How old is it? Typically the life of a sump pump is about 10 years, but if your home seems to take on water and it works hard, you may want to think about replacing it around year 5-7.  Replacing the unit, even though it might be working, is much more cost effective than a water claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Additionally, check your downspouts to see if the water is carried out far enough from the house/foundation. Maybe an extension would help.  Also check your gutters.  If they are full the water can’t flow thru to the downspouts, overflows and drips down into the foundation.  Check any leaky spigots, and the grading around the foundation.  Any low areas should be leveled off to run away from the home.

So now that you are confident your basement is secure, you can enjoy the summer!  Rain or shine!


Guest Post by Heidi Quinn

Heidi Quinn was an Insurance Agent with American Family for 7 years.  After a successful career in insurance, Heidi is looking forward to a new challenge in real estate.  She will use her unique experience and passion for helping her clients with buying or selling their special home.  Her knowledge of homeownership will help to serve her client base well. 

Contact Heidi: 317-508-2859


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