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The Importance of the First Impression

This is a guest post by Ginny Brueggen. She is an apprentice at Rainmakers and a first time blogger. I am reading a book called The 29% Solution, 52 Weekly Networking Success Strategies  by Ivan R. Misner and Michelle R. Donavan. To me the book was intriguing, but I didn’t identify with much of the […]

What is a Success Manager?

“You’re a Success Manager? What’s that?” That’s the response I usually get when I introduce myself. As Success Manager, I collaborate with our leaders to enhance our events, follow up with guests after they attend an event or training to see how their experience was, and work with new members to ensure they understand how […]

Life is a Game of Chess

Life is a Game of Chess

This blog by John Maxwell is spot on. The first step in improving your life, is to improve yourself. What are you working on today to improve and enhance, you?     A great mentor once told me that the first thing you should do everyday is pick the one thing you will do that […]