3 Things You Can Do Today to Save Time

Ever look up from your computer screen and wonder what happened to your day? The not so surprising truth is that time is limited. Spend your time wisely and your reward is satisfying and cumulative – you move closer to accomplishing your goals.  Keep reading for solid tips on how to make your time count. 1. […]

The Force is Strong in Rainmakers

Guest Post by Coach Roz a.k.a. Rosalyn Harris. She’s using the Force to help us change our ways. In a galaxy far, far away, it is a dark time for the Rainmakers. Although the Twinkie-Star has been destroyed, Disease-of-Doomed Troopers have driven the Rainmakers forces from their hidden base and pursued them from across the […]

Online Business Education in 4 Ways

Keeping business skills up to date is like brushing your teeth; you have to make it a habit. Fortunately, an abundance of resources exists right from your smart phone. If you’re seeking information to refresh business skills or cultivate new ones, lucky you, here’s a list of mostly free business resources for learning whenever and wherever […]

SURGE Business Conference in Tweets

Last month we held the first ever SURGE business conference at the Flagship Center in Anderson, IN. The event provided an opportunity for attendees to learn, be inspired and solidify personal and professional goals for 2016.   [View the story “Rainmakers SURGE” on Storify]

New Year’s Resolutions, Cheese Fries and Bikes

It’s that time of year when you’re going to act on that New Year’s resolution you made a couple of weeks ago. So many people make promises – from taking cheese fries off the menu to learning how to ride a bike. And yet many people will only get as far as making a statement. […]

Time Management for a Busy Sales Person

Guest post by Troy Hanna, President, AddressTwo Time is money, and this old adage is especially true in the business world. Time flies, and when you don’t have all the info at your fingertips, you’re wasting it. Customers are waiting, you are getting anxious, and things seem to be getting out of control. But this […]

The More You Give, The More You Get

Guest post by Ben Klopfer, VP at EImagine and Rainmakers ConnectTech Board Member  When I was introduced to the world of “networking,” I thought: Great! I get to drink beer and meet people, all under the guise of doing something semi-business-related! It seemed like the perfect combination. And then it became even more perfect: It […]