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Corporate Volunteerism – Why it’s worth it

Guest blog post by Kelly Tingle, Executive Director, Rotary Club of Indianapolis Volunteering can have a positive impact on your business. Sure, we all know it creates a bonding opportunity for teams and creates more engaged employees who stick around and decrease turnover, but consider three other reasons you should host company volunteer days. Increases Skills […]

Serve More Project: Convoy of Hope

Guest post by Clint Seefeldt, Serve More Event Chair Our Serve More team had the opportunity to contribute to the Convoy of Hope event on June 25th. Taken from their website: “As a faith-based, nonprofit organization Convoy of Hope has helped more than 70 million people throughout the world by sharing food, water, emergency supplies, […]

Big Decision: Franchising or Licensing?

As your business grows there comes a point when you must consider whether or not to invest in more growth or stay as you are. But, those aren’t your only choices. Another option to consider is expansion through franchising or licensing – both are great ways to grow your business. But, how do you know which […]

3 Posts About Coachability

You’re chugging along in your work life and all of a sudden there’s a roadblock. You know what I’m talking about – it’s that instant you need help from someone outside of your computer (sorry Google).  You need need a guide…you need a coach.   To get to the next level of anything, people often turn […]

Simple Answers for Business to Business Networking

Business to business networking, while simple in theory, has many moving parts. We can all agree that business to business networking online and in person increases our reach. When we do this correctly, we create new business through prospect interactions and strategic partnerships. However, the networking activities you engage in don’t always produce the results […]

Following-up After an Event

The networking event comes to a close and you head out to your destination with a spring in your step and a pocket full of business cards. What happens next determines whether or not your networking efforts will be successful or an organized waste of time. Make time to follow-up after a Rainmakers Event Here’s great news – within 48 hours, members […]

Indiana events

Indiana Inventory: Upcoming Business Events

Rainmakers is proud to be a part of a healthy ecosystem of Indiana based business events and organizations. Depending on your goals, here’s a small sample of upcoming events in the Indianapolis area and beyond. Be Intentional Event on April 15: Attend a powerful half-day seminar with special guest speakers to learn the proven Mental […]

Rainmakers roundtables

Is Networking with Strategic Partners Getting Stale?

Business relationships are made not born. When done with intention, they can be a tremendous resource for you. If you’re a Rainmakers member, then you cultivated a few strategic partners along the way. At first, like any new relationship, there’s a honeymoon stage where everything is new, exciting…easy. However, in time the relationship, while still beneficial […]

Rainmakers Serve More Event

Serve More Story: 95 People for Dinner

Guest post by Clint Seefeldt, Centennial Group, Event Chair for Rainmakers Serve More events, Board member Rainmakers Young Professionals. This month’s Serve More event was an incredibly eye-opening experience. We spent about an hour on Monday, March 14th serving dinner at a homeless shelter located in downtown Indianapolis where anyone in need can get a […]

Rainmakers Downtown Indy

Rainmakers Downtown Launch a Success

Guest post by Rainmakers member Nick Petrone, netlogx  Greetings to all and thank you so much for ​giving your time to join the festivities for the inaugural Rainmakers’ Develop Downtown event. The Rainmakers Team did their typical outstanding work ​in​ providing an excellent venue and warm hospitality. Wasn’t the Indiana Historical Society fabulous? I am embarrassed […]