In Appreciation of Rainmakers Members

In any given month, you’ll find a variety of opportunities on the Rainmakers calendar for professionals to meet their ideal clients and to make strategic connections. Each quarter, there is one event that has an even greater purpose: Appreciation. Rainmakers PRIME is a quarterly members-only event held at the Ruth’s Chris Northside location. This is an appreciation event where […]

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Get Okay with Being Uncomfortable

What if each time you felt uncomfortable, challenged or pressured, you, instead, started to look at the situation as the launching pad for something big? What if you could embrace a challenge while you are going through it because you truly believe it is helping you get to a greater place? Let’s be real. Usually, […]

October LINKS Event: Influence Marketing

Ever wonder if influence marketing was right for your business? Join us on October 3rd for an introduction to Influence Marketing with guest speaker Doug Karr, CEO of DK New Media and Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at CircuPress. Businesses have utilized the power of influencers to gain visibility for a long time. Think celebrity and expert […]

Rainmakers Toastmasters

3 Myths about Public Speaking

For some, public speaking can create discomfort. According to the National Institute of Mental Health,  fear of public speaking is ranked as one of the top ten social phobias landing it on the same list as fear of death. I’m lucky. Five months into my Rainmakers Toastmasters membership, I discovered that any discomfort I experience […]

What is a Success Manager?

“You’re a Success Manager? What’s that?” That’s the response I usually get when I introduce myself. As Success Manager, I collaborate with our leaders to enhance our events, follow up with guests after they attend an event or training to see how their experience was, and work with new members to ensure they understand how […]

What Makes You Jump Out of Bed?

What Makes You Jump Out of Bed?

How do we stay inspired in business even on challenging days or during the really, really busy times? Reconnect to your WHY or your reason for having this business or doing this work. Are you excited about the outcome that your hard work is creating? Can you visualize your future lifestyle? Are you creating freedom […]

Alone No More: Hiring Your First Employee

Business is going so well it’s time to hire your first employee – a good indication of your company’s health. Hurray you! While your first hire is a milestone event worthy of fist pumps all around, it can be a mixed blessing as it takes time and resources to find the right person. As you […]

Meet Our Newest Team Member Amber Girard

My short time here at Rainmakers has absolutely flown by. It seems like just yesterday, I was dreading getting out of bed to work my 10th consecutive 12-hour shift. Most might not know, but I recently left the life of retail management in Columbus, Ohio to move to Indianapolis and start afresh. I was looking […]

Can Rainmakers Young Professionals Group Change Your Life?

Sure it can! Rainmakers Young Professionals (RYP) is a networking opportunity for young professionals who want to create abundance for others as well as for themselves. To create change you need to be intentional– and the launch of this group services a community of professionals who are serious about business development. The inaugural meeting featured […]

August Speaker at LINKS

Each month at LINKS Business Connection, we feature a local leader in their field to share an inspirational message that touches on professional or personal growth. This month, we were excited to have Craig Huse, owner of St. Elmo’s and Harry & Izzy’s, share his professional journey which began in the restaurant industry at the age of 14 […]