Membership Minute: Make Time to Network

With all the demands of the work week, it often feels like there is little to no time to network. If networking and growing your circle of influence is important to you or needed for your job, you should carve out time to make this happen. Rainmakers Success Manager Stephanie Dohnert shares ways to leverage […]

On Being Grateful for Gratitude

It’s during the months of November and December when I feel the most gracious and giving. It could be because of the numerous family gatherings or the holiday decorations hung everywhere, but I know it’s because it’s the time where I reflect most on what I’m grateful for. At the last Rainmakers Christian Professionals, held […]

Rainmakers Training Indy

The Rainmaker Experience: The First 90 Days

Rainmakers has a system for on boarding new members. We do this so each member’s experience is the same and, well, because it works! When someone makes the decision to join an organization like Rainmakers, they are eager to get out there and do it all; however, we suggest a planned strategy that is results-oriented. […]

Business Blaze is Here!

Over 65 people attended the inaugural meeting of Business Blaze, a new opportunity for Rainmakers members to learn and connect over lunch. Featured speaker Tina Jaynes of Jaynes Consulting LLC did a phenomenal job educating us on how to lead proactively while reducing barriers.  Post event, we asked Tina what she wanted people to remember most about […]

Rainmakers Young Professionals

Rainmakers Young Professionals Today

This morning’s Rainmakers Young Professionals (RYP) meeting featured guest speaker Daniel Herndon from Redwall Live. Daniel was a long-time Rainmakers member and former board member, and we were excited for him to join us today. He shared his experiences as a sales person selling furniture to where he ultimately ended up, the CEO of Redwall Live, an […]

In Appreciation of Rainmakers Members

In any given month, you’ll find a variety of opportunities on the Rainmakers calendar for professionals to meet their ideal clients and to make strategic connections. Each quarter, there is one event that has an even greater purpose: Appreciation. Rainmakers PRIME is a quarterly members-only event held at the Ruth’s Chris Northside location. This is an appreciation event where […]

What is a Success Manager?

“You’re a Success Manager? What’s that?” That’s the response I usually get when I introduce myself. As Success Manager, I collaborate with our leaders to enhance our events, follow up with guests after they attend an event or training to see how their experience was, and work with new members to ensure they understand how […]

Networking the Right Way

Networking the Right Way

People are frustrated with networking. Period. They take time out of their busy day, attend numerous events, meet lots of people, collect business cards and get no results. Unfortunately, they become disenchanted, burned out and avoid networking altogether. The moment when abandoning your networking activities seems like a good idea is the moment you need […]

Have Goals in Networking

Have Goals in Networking

We are big believers in goals at Rainmakers, especially when it comes to understanding how our members win. When we understand exactly how our members win, we know how to help them and we win when they achieve their goals. It is up to the member to focus in on a target, share it with […]

The Three Beliefs Every Sales Team Has to Have

The Three Beliefs Every Sales Team Has to Have

Sales people really have to have three beliefs in order to perform at their highest level.  We as owners, sales managers, presidents and CEO’s have to understand that we must build these for our teams.  Bad sales tactics with a strong belief system are more effective than the opposite.  People buy belief.  In fact, the […]